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Vantage Financial Trust

is an independent Stock Transfer Agent, headquartered in Larnaca, Cyprus, with over 30 years of experience in the securities industry. Secondary offices are located in Reno, Nevada, Bethesda, Maryland and Jakarta Indonesia. Vantage Financial Trust is dedicated to serving the needs of domestic and international companies, both public and non-public. We have been established over 30 years and we represent over 900 Issuers, comprised of 250,000 + shareholders.

Vantage Financial Trust opened in 1983, with the primary goal of providing outstanding customer service, not only to our client companies and their shareholders, but also to the brokerage community. Vantage Financial Trust brings a depth of knowledge and experience, and a willingness to work with our client base to provide them with the most complete and comprehensive transfer agent services available.

We offer a wide variety of basic and optional services including online access to account information for Issuers and stockholders, warrant agent service, copyrighted certificate design and high quality offset printing, cash dividend disbursements, mailings, proxy tabulation, Edgar filings, and secure storage of records. We encourage you to inquire for details regarding other services you may require to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Vantage Financial Trust

When you join Vantage Financial Trust, you join a team that wields an extensive knowledge base, has superior expertise and fully understands the metrics of the industry.

Industry Knowledge

With over 30 years in business we have the industry-leading knowledge to tailor an innovative individual solution for your firm while streamlining the process, thus saving time and adding profitability

Competitive AdVantage

Vantage Financial Trust has the insight and expertise to take on any size project. With our robust staff on hand, we can personally support you in every step of the way. From corporate actions, to transfer services, let our experienced staff provide you with a modernized strategy that allows you to compete in this erratic climate and dynamic environment.

Value Added Services

Vantage Financial Trust is committed to providing the best in-class customer service. We go above and beyond the benchmark set by other agencies. We protect our clients using unequaled standards, which limit exposure and guard sensitive information. From the moment you choose Vantage Financial Trust you'll immediately see the value added service; every interaction is treated like you are our sole client.

When choosing a transfer agent, you seek reliability, integrity, a strong work ethic, outstanding customer service and much more. Why not choose an agent who also provides you with a competitive adVantage, expert industry knowledge and versatile solutions? Let us help improve your organization from the top down.

Securities and Shareholder Services

Vantage Financial Trust

Milton E. Rousseau


Securities and Shareholder Services Issuances, Conversions, DWAC, Lost Securities, Stops and Adverse Claims

Scott Graham

Transfer Agent

Transfers, Lost Securities & Shareholder Services

Robert D. Klein

Transfer Agent

Transfers, Lost Securities & Shareholder Services

Sarah Walters

Transfer Agent

Transfers, Lost Securities & Shareholder Services

Margaret R. Woods

Transfer Agent

Transfers, Lost Securities & Shareholder Services

Angela M. Gregg

Transfer Agent

Transfers, Lost Securities & Shareholder Services

Issuer Service

Vantage Financial Trust

Anthony A. Allan

Senior Associate

Issuer Services Corporate Actions Team Lead Corporate Actions

Michelle C. Fleming


Issuer Services New Client Services

Isaac Griffiths

Transfer Agent

Transfers, Lost Securities & Shareholder Services

Anthony Bentley


Issuer Services

EDGAR Filing Services

Vantage Financial Trust

Anthony J. McDowell

EDGAR & XBRL Services Manager

Sandra L. Allen

Filing Associate


Vantage Financial Trust

Terrence L. Roberts

President & General Counsel

Michael N. Miller

Associate General Counsel

Terell B. Johnson

Administrative Associate

Ruth M. Brinkley


William T. Jenkins

Accounting Associate